Best Places to Visit in India During Mansoon

Best Places to Visit in India During Mansoon – Shillong

The Best Places to Visit in India during mansoon is Shillong. The hill town of Shillong is a hidden treasure in the north eastern part of India and is the capital of Meghalaya. It is a popular hill station and tourist spot in India. Shillong’s majestic mountain peaks offer a mesmerising view of the city. Its crystal clear lakes and waterfalls define magnificence. Its sheer serenity will truly calm your soul. Being the home of Khasi, Jaintia and Garo hill tribes, you will also witness colourful lifestyle and cultural traditions.
If you are looking for a mental detox away from the monotonous city, this heavenly holiday destination is a perfect escape for you. It have pleasant weather throughout the year and You can be visit any time.
Let us take a look at the various seasons round the year to help you plan your visit better.

Best Time To Visit Shillong

  • Summer (March to June) During summers, the temperature ranges between 15°C and 24°C. This is the perfect time for sightseeing and planning adventure activities on your next summer vacation.
  • Monsoon (June to September) : During these months, one would witness average to heavy rainfall across Shillong, with July being the wettest month. This is an excellent time to visit the waterfalls and enjoy the picturesque rain washed landscape.
  • Winter (October to February)In Shillong, rainfall begins to cease from October and winter sets in by early November with the temperature going as low as 2°C. It is the perfect pick for your winter vacation as the hill town looks heavenly during these months.

How To Reach Shillong:

  • By Air: Shillong Airport or Umroi Airport is located 30 km away from the city center. The nearby airport of Guwahati, the state capital of Assam is also in close proximity to Shillong. A 4 hours drive on NH 40 would take you from Guwahati Airport to Shillong.
  • By Train: Guwahati Railway station in Paltan Bazaar is the nearest railway station to Shillong airport, located at a distance of 90 km.
  • By Bus: Buses ply at an interval of almost half hour between Shillong with Guwahati. Hiring a taxi is another good option.

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The Best Places To Visit In Shillong

Umiam Lake

The Best Places to Visit In Shillong : Umiam Lake
Umiam Lake

This serene man-made reservoir is located at a distance of 15 km north of Shillong and is surrounded by lush green hills forming one of the best panoramic sights for nature lovers. There is a park adjacent to the lake and is frequent by locals for picnics. You can go boating at the lake along with other water sports and the sunrise at the lake is not to will be miss.
Along with the calmness around, you can witness fishermen canoeing and natives visiting the lake for twigs and grass.
During summers, beautiful Gulmohar trees adorn the periphery of the lake and in winters, the water turns azure.

Lady Hydari Park –

Lady Hydari Park
Lady Hydari Park

This Japanese styled garden lies in the heart of Shillong City. The willow trees with leaves almost sweeping the ground, circular design elements and numerous small ponds bear close resemblance to Japanese design. This park is also arguably the best kid’s zone in Shillong and perfect pick to spend a lazy afternoon during winters.

Mawphlang Sacred Forest –

The Best Places to Visit is Mawphlang Sacred Forest
Mawphlang Sacred Forest

Forests are the most remarkable feature of the Khasi Hills. Among all the forests, the most sacred is Mawphlang Sacred Forest. Spread over 192 acres, this forest has been preserve for thousands of years by the Local Khasi Tribes. The forest is believe to be the abode of the local deity, called Labasa who protects the forest and the tribal community. There is one rule to be follow in this sacred forest – “You cannot take anything out of this forest, else the deity gets upset”. This sacred grove’s physical majesty is a crowd puller and is a must visit for nature lovers.

Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Cultures –

Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Cultures
Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Cultures

This place is more than a museum and is an initiative for the conservation and preservation of a number of small, local cultures of the area. The 7-storey cultural centre is spread over 56000 sq ft and has 17 distinct museum galleries making the visit all the more interesting and informative.

Elephant Falls

The Best Places to Visit is The Elephant falls
The Elephant falls

The Elephant falls consist of three mesmerising falls in succession. Out of the three falls, the third tends to strike visitors as the most impressive.  The fall gets its name after an Elephant like stone at its foot, which was however it will wash away after a massive earthquake. The falls are a must visit on your trip to Shillong.

Ward’s Lake –

Ward’s Lake
Ward’s Lake

The Ward’s lake is one of the most popular destinations of Shillong. It is a man-made water body surrounded by a majestic lush garden with colourful floral beds. Take a walk on the cobble-stone path around the lake and lose yourself in its stunning beauty!

Laitlum Canyons –

Laitlum Canyons
Laitlum Canyons

The awe-inspiring grandeur of this nature’s wonder will make you fall in love with Shillong all over again. The Laitlum Canyons literally translates to ‘The End of Hills’ offers you the best panoramic view of Meghalaya.

Shillong Peak –

Shillong Peak
Shillong Peak

The Shillong Peak is the highest point of Shillong offering you a breathtaking view of the city. You can try your hands at trekking up the peak if the weather is favourable. The Shillong Peak is at the air force base and due to security reasons, you will notice heavy checking at the gates.

Best Places To Visit For Dine-Out :

Trattoria – Police Bazaar Road, Shillong :

Trattoria is a major hit among the locals who swear by its flavours. It offers the Most Authentic Khasi cuisine in town. Its specialty lies in the creative presentation of local Khasi food. A tiny establishment, Trattoria is not the place to enjoy a laid back evening. The place is mostly crowded but worth the wait. So next time you are in Shillong, hit to Trattoria to enjoy traditional khasi meal and go home with a new experience!

Café Shillong :

Check out this cool café over the weekends for its live musical performances and tantalizing preparation of khauswey, steaks and thukpa.

Jadoh :

Treat your taste buds with smoky meat curries, combo meals serving rice, salad, meat curry, chutney and vegetable at Jadoh.

City Hut Family Dhaba :

Just like the name suggests, this place is a must visit restaurant. You will be welcome by the aroma of great food to be couple with friendly service. There is a wide array of dishes to be serve at the restaurant along with a choice of seating. The restaurant has a dhaba-style ambience infused with contemporary dining experience.

Deja Vu :

Deja vu is frequented by youngsters for good music, food and celebrations. It has a calmly lit ambience creating a relaxing and soothing experience for visitors. Also get to try your hands on singing at the karaoke station at the lounge.

Best Places To Visit To Enjoy Nightlife In Shillong

Best places to visit is every street in Shillong is brimming with talent and passion of the locals for music. Every Saturday evening, locals and tourists gather to dance the night away to music by a local band or popular DJ. The best places for a good entertainment in Shillong are:

  • Platinum: Hotel Polo Towers, Polo Grounds
  • Cloud 9: Hotel Centre Point, Police Bazar
  • Tango: OB Shopping Mall, Police Bazar

More Reasons To Visit Shillong

Along with the sprawling green hills surrounding the city, the local festivals at Shillong will leave you mesmerized! The Khasi community considers has various festivals. That focus on dance like Ka Shad Suk Mynsiem, Ka Pom-Blang Nongkrem, and Ka-Shad Shyngwiang-Thangiap. The Garos Tribe celebrates jhum cultivation, nature and their main festivals are the Den Bilsia, Wangala, and the Rongchu Gala. Behdienkhlam and Laho Dance form important festivals of the Jaintias tribe. For whom the preservation of cultural heritage and solidarity among people is top priority.

If adventure has a final and all-embracing motive, it is surely this: we go out because it is our nature to go out, to climb mountains, and to paddle rivers, to fly to the planets and plunge into the depths of the oceans… When man ceases to do these things, he is no longer man.

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