Glenmark Pharma Introduces Favipiravir(Fabiflu) to fight with covid-19

Glenmark Pharma Introduces Favipiravir(Fabiflu) to fight with covid-19.

Glenmark Pharma is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Mumbai, India. That was founded in 1977 by Gracias Saldanha as a generic drug and active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturer. He named the company after his two sons.
For the treatment of corona(Covid-19) patients with mild to moderate Covid-19 Glenmark Pharmaceuticals launched antiviral drug Favipiravir named Fabiflu.

Glenmark Pharma is the first Indian pharma agency to get approval for an oral drug to deal with COVID-19 sufferers .

Glenmark Pharma approval of Favipiravir(Fabiflu)
Glenmark approval of Favipiravir(Fabiflu)

This drug was already being used in Japan for influenza. They have been using it in COVID-19 patients. Also,Even China have used it and Russia had also given permission in May to use it. Antiviral drugs like Remdesivir and Favipiravir are not specific to COVID-19. But have used for influenza, said Dr Vikas Maurya, Director, Department of Pulmonology and Sleep Disorders, Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh.

Favipiravir ( FabiFlu ) is going to launch at medical store within seven days. This medicine has approved by drug authority of Italy, China and Bangladesh too.
Patients with mild symptoms of corona can now be given medication from Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.

When asked about the company’s manufacturing capacity of the drug, the drug firm said: “Considering a minimum of two strips per patient. Glenmark will be able to provide FabiFlu for about 82,500 patients in the 1st month itself. We will be closely monitoring the evolving situation. And on the of basis situation, we will work to scale and meet the healthcare needs of the country”.
The company is producing the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for the product. At its Ankleshwar plant, while the formulation is being manufacture at its Baddi plant.

The drug will be available both through hospitals and the retail channel, Glenmark Pharma said.

When ask if the company is looking for tie-ups with hospitals for supply of the drug. It said: “Our effort right now is to prioritise manufacturing, to ensure FabiFlu is accessible to all patients who need it. Glenmark will certainly make a consideration to support private and public healthcare facilities. It arrange for other suitable options as per the need and in time”.

It offers rapid reduction in viral load within four days, and provides faster symptomatic and radiological improvement. Of most importance, Favipiravir has shown clinical improvement of up to 88% in Covid-19 mild to moderate cases. The company said in a presentation at a press briefing.

Considering the emergency and unmet medical need for COVID-19, the DCGI under the fast-tracked approval process granted domestic firm Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. The permission to manufacture and market Favipiravir (200 mg) tablet.

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How much will have to spend for medicine, Glenmark Pharma Said:

  • It will cost Rs 103 per tablet.
  • Government of India approves Glenmark Pharmaceutical antibiotic tablet to fight Covid-19 at a price of 103 rupees per tablet. And maximum retail price of Rs 3,500 for a strip of 34 tablets, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals said.

Glenmark Pharma Said, Take dosage like this :

  • On the first day, two doses of 1800 mg have to be taken. After that, two doses of 800 mg have to be taken for 14 days.
  • Emergency use means every patient must give his or her informed consent before starting treatment.

This medicine is not recommend for these people:

  • There is a side effect of this medicine for pregnant lady.
  • This medicine is not recommend for People with severe kidney or liver diseases.
  • Pregnant Lady and
  • Lactating women

When will you get this medicine and where will it be available:

  • The drug will be available both through hospitals and the retail channel, Glenmark said.
  • The tablet is being produce by the company in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. Glenmark said the drug would be available through both hospitals and retail channels. Glenmark said the company has successfully developed active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and formulations for Fabiflu through its in-house research and development team.

The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.


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