is Iran a part of Akhand bharat

Akhand Bharat Is a part of Iran, Isn’t It?

Akhand Bharat is a word very Rare and Politically Volatile to be used around here in INDIA. LEFT will attack you for being Unstable and from here I mean “ Politically Volatile”. Rights have a certain Paranoia about it but don’t talk about it very often. And from here I mean “ Rare ”.

Why Akhand Bharat?

Akhand Bharat (or Akhand Hindustan) is an irredentist term meaning “Undivided India” in Sanskrit. And encompassing those nations or regions of South, East, and Central Asia that were once part of pan-Indian empires. Or influenced by the spread of Hinduism and Buddhism. The Indian activist and Hindu Mahasabha leader Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, in response to Islamic and European nationalism. It propounded the notion of an Akhand Bharat as well as a Hindu Rashtra (“Hindu Nation”), emphasizing the potential cultural, religious and political unity of Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains throughout the Indian subcontinent from Kashmir to Rameshwaram and Sindh to Assam.

Akhand Bharat Map View
Akhand Bharat Map View

The alienation of Indian Muslims and Christians due to their ‘spiritual homelands’ in the Middle East. Instead of the Indian subcontinent. This kind of Slogans has been occasionally been raised by the Hindu Nationalist Organization. Such as HinduSabha , Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Hindu Sena, RSS, Shiv Sena, BJP, etc. However, INC( Congress ) opposes this view. In 1993 diary of the trade union wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh included a map depicting Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Cambodia as territories that were part of “Akhand Bharat”.

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Akhand Bharat’s Concept :

While the leadership of the right-wing BJP wavers on the issue, the RSS has always been a strong proponent of the idea. RSS leader H. V. Seshadri’s book The Tragic Story of Partition stresses the importance of the concept of Akhand Bharat. The RSS affiliated magazine Organiser often publishes editorials by leaders such as the present Sarsanghachalak, Mohan Bhagwat, espousing the philosophy that only Akhand Bharat and whole samaj (united society) can bring “real” freedom to the people of India. The call for Indian reunification has been supported by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi andBJPNationalSecretaryRam Madhav.


The Story Of Akhand Bharat:

In December 2015, following Narendra Modi’s diplomatic visit to Lahore, Pakistan, the BJP National Secretary Ram Madhav (in an interview with Al Jazeera’s Mehdi Hassan) described that “The RSS still believes that one day [India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, which have for historical reasons separated only 60 years ago, will again, through popular goodwill, come together and Akhand Bharat will be created.”Former Indian Supreme Court Judge Markandey Katju advocated in Pakistani newspaper The Nation that the only solution to the ongoing dispute between India and Pakistan is the reunification of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh under a strong, secular, modern-minded government. The former Indian Deputy Prime Minister Lal Krishna Advani, in April 2004, similarly endorsed a confederation of the sovereign nations of India and Pakistan as a powerful geopolitical entity rivaling the European Union, United States of America, Russian Federation, and People’s Republic of China.

The Idea Of Akhand Bharat:

The Term Akhand Bharat and the concept behind the idea was the brainchild of a Renowned Scholar and a Master Strategist CHANAKYA. The Man who gave us Chandra Gupta Maurya and under his rule India was at its Mammoth size. Look down the picture below for reference

Maurya Empire
Maurya Empire

But today in Modern India there are no taker for this concept of Akhand Bharat not in the Mainstream Politics neither with the Common People . When you are struggling to put a meal on your table there is hardly any time for some Extra-curricular activities . There are some often talks about it by some Non-mainstream groups which are quite insignificant to the normal people.

Akhand Bharat is not a reality these days. And age for INDIA to pull it off. It requires Dedication from Mass, Emotionally attached to the cause, a Fierce and Charismatic Leader like Chandra Gupta Maurya, and a Master Strategist like CHANAKYA. Also, need WEALTH which is all lacking today. So, We should be happy with the space we have. And should protect it rather than chasing some Mythical or Non-existent idea just out of proportion.

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