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Krishna Janmashtami (Dahi Handi) 2020 : When,Why and How we celebrate it?

Krishna Janmashtami (Dahi Handi), is the birthday of lord Krishna which is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country. One of the most popular deities worshiped by Hindus. It is believed that lord Vishnu reincarnated in the form of lord Krishna on the auspicious day of Janmashtami. The historical background of the birth of lord Krishna depicts the significance of this Hindu festival. Lord Krishna was born at midnight on the eighth day of Hindu lunar month, Shravana. A day of the dark fortnight of the month of Bhadrapada (August–September). The number eight has another significance in the Krishna legend. In that he is the eighth child of his mother, Devaki. Janmashtami is on Wednesday, August 12, 2020.

Why We Celebrate Krishna Janmashtami ?

happy Krishna Janmashtami

According to mythological texts, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Lord Shri Krishna to free this earth from the oppression of sinners. Sri Krishna took incarnation in Mathura. To kill the tyrannical maternal uncle Kansa on this earth from the womb of Mata Devaki. Who was bring up by Mata Yashoda. Shrikrishna was very naughty since childhood, he also had many stories.

As per the Hindu tradition, Krishna is believed to have been born in Mathura. He born at midnight on the eighth day of the Bhadrapada month. Immediately after his birth, his father Vasudeva Anakadundubhi took Krishna across the Yamuna river to save him from uncle King Kansa and gave him to his foster parents in Gokul, Nanda and Yashoda. Legend goes that Kansa’s sister Devaki’s eighth son was prophesied to kill the cruel king. So Kansa locked Devaki and Vasudeva in the prison. And started killing their sons one by one until Krishna was born.
On Janmashtami, therefore, idols of infant Krishna are washed, clothed and placed in a cradle. The devotees then break their fast and share foods and sweets.

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How is Janmashtami Celebrated ?

Janmashtami is celebrate in different ways in many places. Holi of flowers is also played on this day in many places and Holi is also played in colors.
On the occasion of Janmashtami, we get to see the seductive avatar of Shri Krishna in the form of pranks. Decoration of temples are very spontaneously on this day. And many people observe fast on this day. Lord Krishna is seen swinging in the temple on the day of Janmashtami. Janmashtami is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the city of Mathura. Which is the birthplace of Shri Krishna.

Makhan milk, curd is the favourite of Sri Krishna. Due to which the whole village Makhan was stolen and eaten. One day to prevent him from stealing Makhan, his mother Yashoda had to tie him to a pillar and for this reason Lord Krishna was named Makhan Chor.
In Vrindavan, the women started hanging the mathani matki at a height, so that the hand of Krishna could not reach there, but in the face of naughty Krishna, this plan proved futile as well, to steal Makhan, Shri Krishna gave his Planned together with friends and together stole the curd and Makhan from Matki hanging in the height, inspired by the same, the Dahi Handi started.

Krishna Janmashtami Is Festival Of Dahi Handi

Dahi Handi 2020

The story of celebrating the festival of Dahi Handi is quite legendary. In his childhood, Shri Krishna was very naughty. Shri Krishna had a habit of stealing Makhan in his childhood and all the villagers were troubled by his habit of stealing Makhan. Shri Krishna loved butter, curd and milk. He liked Makhan so much due to which the entire village Makhan was stolen and eaten.

Mother Yashoda used to be very upset due to his habit of stealing Makhan because every day someone came to the mother Yashoda complaining about Kanha. Troubled by the daily complaints, one day Mata Yashoda tied her to a pillar. But Nanhe Kanha still did not stop stealing Makhan. For this reason, Lord Krishna was named ‘Makhan Chor’.

Due to Shree Krishna stealing Makhan, women in Vrindavan started hanging Makhan’s Matki at a height so that the hand of Shri Krishna could not reach there. But Krishna was naughty even before his understanding, this plan of Vrindavan women also proved futile. Shri Krishna along with his friends built a pyramid and used to steal curd and Makhan from the Matki hanging at the height. Inspired from there, the practice of Dahi Handi started.

“Perform your obligatory duty, because action is indeed better than inaction.”

Lord Krishna 

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