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World Ozone Day: Be Aware And Preserve Ozone

World Ozone Day is important because it is a day that spreading awareness regarding the Ozone Layer’s depletion, as well as the search for solutions to preserve it. The ozone layer is a piece of the atmosphere that has high ozone concentrations. Ozone is a gas that is a combination of three oxygen atoms O3. Depending on where the ozone layer is, it can either harm life or protect life on Earth.

Why World Ozone Day is celebrated on 16th September?

World Ozone Day has been celebrated since 1994 and was established by the United Nations General Assembly. The day is mainly intended to spread awareness of the depletion of the Ozone Layer and search for solutions to preserve it.

Why it concerns you?

The ozone molecules form a protective layer which extends from about 16 km to 50 km up above the earth at low latitudes. And from about 8 km to 50 km at high latitudes. The ozone molecules absorb the sun’s ultraviolet radiation (UV) which will be harmful to us if it reaches the earth’s surface. With more UV radiation reaching the earth’s surface due to ozone depletion, human health and the environment will be adversely affected. The most significant effects will be the increased incidence of skin cancer, eye cataracts, damage to the human immune system, and to the ecology of the earth.
The ozone layer protects the Earth from the sun’s harmful rays. It is essentially a fragile shield of gas. Because of this, it plays a massive role in helping to preserve life on our planet.

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How does ozone work?

World Ozone Day

The sun emits electromagnetic radiation at different wavelengths, meaning energy at different intensities. The atmosphere acts like a multi-layer shield that protects Earth from dangerous solar radiation.
Ozone has two different parts of our atmosphere. Ground-level or “bad” ozone is a human health irritant and component of smog. It is available in the lower atmosphere (troposphere) and has nothing to do with the “ozone hole.”
A high level of “good” ozone occurs in the stratosphere and accounts for the vast majority of atmospheric ozone.

How can we protect the ozone layer on World Ozone Day?

While the vast majority of ODS usage is either industrial or commercial, individuals can help in the following ways:

  • Buy air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment that does not use HCFCs as a refrigerant
  • Buy aerosol products that do not use HCFCs or CFCs as propellants.
  • Conduct regular inspection and maintenance of air-conditioning and refrigeration appliances to prevent and minimize refrigerant leakage.
  • For existing air-conditioning and refrigeration appliances that operate on HCFCs or CFCs. The refrigerant should be recover or recycle whenever an overhaul of equipment is to be carry out. Replacing or retrofitting such equipment to operate on non-HCFCs refrigerant should also be considered.
  • When motor vehicle air-conditioners need servicing, make sure that the refrigerants are properly recovered and recycled. Also, make sure that the refrigerants not being vent to the atmosphere.

If you want a higher power, go to the goddamn sun. Just go to the sun – and stop destroying the ozone layer.

Susan Powter

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