Most Used Chinese Apps in India are not Secure

Most Used Chinese Apps in India are not Secure.

Chinese Apps in India getting popular day to day, meanwhile we have to take care of our personal data or privacy. Because We have heard leaking and stealing of user’s data by Chinese Apps.
The user of smartphone and the internet is increasing rapidly in India. Even in village also, The people are using smartphones and the internet in their daily life.

In this situation Chinese Apps have successfully taken over the Indian App market in all the genres from social, short video till gaming apps and more. 
The country has over 1.3 billion potential consumers and many apps have been successful in luring the users to download their apps. However, reports reveal that Chinese apps are ruling the Indian app market as many users have opted to download them significantly.
The India-China tensions have led to boycott the Chinese Apps.
Chinese Apps are getting popular in India and holds a share up to 40% in the Indian App market.

Some of the Most Used Chinese Apps Indian Intel Agencies Flagged Apps are Below :-

TikTok :

– TikTok is Social media platform. One of the most Trending app in India. It allows users to create videos up to 1 minute.
The app is too addictive. There is a screen time feature on it through that you can enable if you don’t want you/ your kid to be using it too much.
– It takes too much time to get the perfect videos. Its time consuming and waste your Valuable time.
– TikTok has totally ruined many people’s daily life and many people’s career, only one in lakh can get their career but most of our youth population is wasting their precious time and career behind this kind of apps where they don’t gain anything back except temporary fame that too for few days even small children’s have started entering into this hell many people are also loosing their precious life.

World wide Downloads: 1 Billion+
Total Rating Currently : 4.4 in 20 Million reviews
Rated for 12+ age
Approx App size: 64 MB

Helo :

-It is also a widely used Chinese app in India. Social Media Platform, Addictive.
-This app used for Creating, Reading, Watching, Sharing and Discussing with Others.
-It is a “Video Sharing Platform” where people share all types of videos. Along with video share, you can also earn by Helo app.
-Taking the safety of their users seriously, Helo, have implemented comprehensive and strict community guidelines that prohibit all content that has a negative impact on its community.

World Wide Downloads : 100 Million+
Total Rating Currently : 4.1 in 2 Million reviews
Rated for 12+ age
Approx App size : 37 MB

The Cyber Laws and e-security wing of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) send notice to TikTok and Helo app operators to respond to concerns that they were being used to commit anti-Indian and unlawful activities.
The list of questions seeks a response from the apps whether these apps are collecting excessive data.

VivaVideo :

-It is Video Editor and Free video Maker App. Its also a Widely used in India for Creating videos with Music.
-You’ll find this app in the Photo & Video section of the App Store, where it can be downloaded completely free of charge onto your iPhone or iPad.

World wide Downloads: 100 Million+
Total Rating Currently : 4.4 in 11 Million reviews
Rated for 12+ age
Approx App size: 62 MB

UC Browser :

-UC Browser is Free Web Browser, Files Downloader.
-It is one of the top players in the game. It provides one of the best experiences, however, I am not sure what UC is trying to prove by packing more and more unwanted features in their browser and forcing the user to use them.
-UC Browser push THE UNWANTED NOTIFICATIONS Which are really Painful.
-Another unwanted section that is completely useless. We completely understand that UC browser is free to download and it may require funding but this is not the way to do it.
-The homepage features news articles that are extremely distracting and unwanted. Sometimes when you are in a professional or family environment some of these click baits might even cause awkwardness.
-Sometimes it automatically replaced the Google quick access button to some other age restricted website.

The Chinese Web browser, in many ways, is inferior to the leaders in this field. It is less protected from viruses, spam, and phishing than Chrome, as well as slower.

World wide Downloads: 500M+
Total Rating Currentlly : 3.9 in 21M reviews
Rated for 12+ age
Approx App size: 58MB

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Recently Indian Intel Agencies Flagged TikTok, Xiaomi Apps and
50 other Chinese Apps, List are below…

Most Used Chinese Apps in India are not Secure
  • 360 Security
  • APUS Browser
  • Baidu Map
  • Baidu Translate
  • BeautyPlus
  • Bigo Live
  • CacheClear DU apps studio
  • Clash of Kings
  • Clean Master – Cheetah
  • ClubFactory
  • CM Browser,
  • DU Battery Saver, DU Browser, DU Cleaner, DU Privacy, DU recorder
  • ES File Explorer
  • Helo
  • Kwai
  • LIKE
  • Mail Master
  • Mi Community, Mi Store, Mi Video call-Xiaomi
  • NewsDog
  • Parallel Space
  • Perfect Corp
  • Photo Wonder
  • QQ International, QQ Launcher, QQ Mail, QQ Music, QQ NewsFeed, QQ Player, QQ Security Centre
  • SelfieCity
  • SHAREit
  • TikTok
  • UC Browser, UC News
  • Vault-Hide
  • Vigo Video
  • Virus Cleaner (Hi Security Lab)
  • VivaVideo- QU Video Inc
  • WeChat
  • Weibo
  • WeSync
  • Wonder Camera
  • Xender
  • YouCam Makeup

Bytedance group, the makers of TikTok, Helo and other apps, have faced consistent criticism for various data discrepancies and security lapses. With these apps now flagged by intelligence agencies, it remains to be seen if official action will be taken against them. As of now, all 52 of them are live on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iOS App Store.

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