Will NavIC replace GPS in the future in India?What benefit will come along with it?


NavIC replace GPS in the future in India. The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) with an operational name NavIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation) is an autonomous regional Satellite navigation system . It covers India and a region extending 1500 km around it . It is a constellation of 4 satellites present in the Geosynchronous orbit (IGSO) . 3 satellites present in the Geostationary orbit(GEO). 2 satellites present on the ground as a stand-by . NavIC will provide two layer of service , one will be for the civilian use and one will be restricted for the military use only .

The NavIC program came into effect after the 1999 kargil war with Pakistan when the USA refused India to use the services of GPS. This was a shock to the Indian military planners and even India had to pay double for the services from the different satellites operator . The NavIC program got approved in 2013 and the system is supposed to be operational hence NavIC replace GPS in the future in India. . These systems are quite necessary as it helps the military tremendously in tracking the hostile ships , missiles , give directions to the Military vehicles or air crafts , reconnaissance,etc and with tons of civilian and research purposes .

It was crucial for India to develop this capability so that it didn’t had to face such grave situation again and that too during war times . This time India is better prepared with these System as China too has their BeiDou Navigation system . The ASAT (Anti-satellite weapon)test which was conducted was also a show by India that anyone messes around with our Satellite constellation better be prepared to receive some blow back.

NaVIC system costs India nearly $ 315 million dollar . As of 2019 the NavIC system will be compatible in the Indian commercial vechile . Qualcomm launched three new chipset which supports NavIC . The NavIC system is considered to be more accurate than the GPS .

The work is going on to develop Global Indian Navigation System (GINS) here tue system will have 24 satellites positioned 24000 km above Earth .

Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System NavIC replace GPS in the future in India
Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System(IRNSS)

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